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Custom Home FAQs

1.How do I choose the right floor plan for my Austin, TX home?

The right floor plan is taken into consideration for every home build. Our experienced designers take into consideration the position of your home, how your space will function & the design of the home.

2. Can I view more photos of the custom floor plans and interior designs you have created?

Yes! Please check out our Gallery page on the website.

3. When is the right time to contact someone about creating a custom floor plan?

At the beginning stages of building. I can help assist from top to bottom and even recommend a home builder for you.

4. What is the difference between an Interior Architect and Interior Designer?

Interior architecture is the balancing of the art and science of designing an interior space taking into account all elements of the build. Interior design is a broad ranging profession taking into account all aspects of planning and designing interior spaces in the built environment

5. Do you work on custom exterior home design?

Yes! I can help create a custom exterior design for your home from custom facades to a custom outdoor kitchen area.

6. Do you create kitchen designs?

Yes! I work on creating a custom kitchen design to fit your lifestyle and home. I work with the highest-grade materials and with my expertise can create the kitchen design of your dreams.

7. Do you create bathroom designs?

Yes! Creating a custom bathroom design not only adds flair to your home but also great for resale value. I take into consideration from the day you move in to the day that you potential put your home up for sale.

8. Why should I hire Palladian Residential to create a custom floor plan for me?

Meagan is a highly experienced and educated designer who has focused on custom home floor plans which focus on kitchen and bathroom floor plans in addition to original designs that are custom to you and your family's needs.